The LOCKBASE Factory Services are a series of modules for the automation of order processing within master key systems production and integration of LOCKBASE into the manufacturer’s existing IT environment.

LOCKBASE Cylinder Type Database (CTDB)

Database of key and cylinder types and components to support error-free customer orders. The Cylinder Type Database can take over article data from the manufacturer’s ERP system via an interface and distribute them via LOCKBASE B2B backbone to the customers’ LOCKBASE installations.

LOCKBASE B2B-Dispatcher (DSP)

Module for automated receipt and dispatch of customer orders via LOCKBASE B2B. This module can receive incoming orders from B2B customers and forward them either to other components of LOCKABSE Factory Services or to the manufacturer’s ERP system, as well as sending updated databases back to self-construction customers.

LOCKBASE C2B (C2B ) and Information Server

LOCKBASE C2B is a web application for ordering and re-ordering manufacturers’ master key systems, which can be integrated into the manufacturer’s web presence. The customer authorises himself via a security card containing a cryptographic key and can place both initial orders and (re-)orders based on the current data status of the plant.
The Information Server (IS) is the associated server component which authenticates the customer, provides the data requested by the client component and integrates the created orders into the manufacturer’s workflow.

Order Interface (ORD)

Module for import and export of order data to and from LOCKBASE files (.lbf). The Oder Interface can import orders from the manufacturer’s ERP system into the corresponding LOCKBASE file as well as extract order data contained in LOCKBASE files and make it available for further processing by the ERP system. It can also provide production data and print documents for the production of the order or for archiving after the calculation is finished.

Automatic Order Processing (AOP)

Module for automatic calculation of initial orders or extensions of master key systems. The module carries out the initial calculation or extension of a system on the basis of specifications that the manufacturer has stored in the LOCKBASE Code Group Administration. Intervention points are defined for the different phases of the calculation as well as possible problems or inconsistencies, for which the manufacturer can configure control or correction actions.

SQL Interface

Module for relocating the storage and retrieval of LOCKBASE master key system data to an SQL database (ODBC).


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