The System Matrix is a Matrix presentation of doors/cylinders, keys and their connections. Anyone experienced in the use of Matrix plans can easily see, enter and edit all the necessary data for the production of master key systems. It is possible to work on the Keys’ and Cylinders’ Data Stocks. One can choose between the conventional view of the System Matrix and the Euro Matrix format. The Euro Matrix format makes the System Matrix considerably more compact and gives a better overview. For big master key systems containing a lot of change keys the Euro Matrix is very helpful. The Euro Matrix format consists of two matrices in one view. On the left hand side you will find a Matrix of the superior keys (top master key and master keys) listed vertically against the cylinders horizontally. On the right a second Matrix shows the central cylinders listed vertically against the cylinders’ change keys listed horizontally.

Together with the LOCKBASE Data Lists the System Matrix is the basic module of the LOCKBASE Administrator, the LOCKBASE administration program for locksmiths. The System Matrix is also the basic module of the Calculator together with the Calculation module.


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