The LOCKBASE Manager is our administration program for users and operators of master key systems. The basic version contains four data stocks (keys, cylinders, doors and persons) and the Data Lists as data view.

The user is able to look into, add or change data very easily. All important documents can be printed out in high quality (System matrix, lists, forms and letter forms). The sensitive data of the master key system is password protected and encoded to prevent unauthorised access. One program can administer several master key systems. There is no limit to the numbers and sizes of the managed master key systems

With Ground Plan Module architectural drawings of buildings can be embedded. One can insert and position previously created door data sets and display the access for key holders, the locking functions of keys or the location of cylinders in a spatial representation.

We recommend that one could add the LOCKBASE System Matrix and the System Designer to make master key system administration even easier. For inexpensive administration of a single master key system the Manager lite would be a good choice.

This program requires a service partner (e.g. a locksmith or manufacturer) who holds a licence for one of the larger LOCKBASE program packages.

The program is configured as the basic version of the LOCKBASE Manager but it cannot be extended.

The LOCKBASE Manager lite will be delivered along with a master key system and can only be used with this system. The user of this system administers the persons and door data of this system whereas the service partner is responsible for the keys' and cylinders' data (the user can read the data but cannot accidentally change it).

Demo Manager

For the administration of multiple master key systems for end-users of master key systems - multilingual