LOCKBASE Professional is our complete program package for manufacturers of master key systems. Based on the Calculator it incorporates Code Group Administration (an extended version of the Calculation Module) and modules for planning (System Designer) and administration (Data Lists) of master key systems.

LOCKBASE Professional is also able to calculate very large, hierarchically structured systems with master, sub-master and cross keys, interchange and change keys, cylinder pinning information etc. Additionally the program is able to detect, uncover and calculate hidden hierarchical structures in a master key system.

LOCKBASE Professional can be set to check for and correct wrong fits in manually entered key combinations. It is also possible to extend and calculate existing or manually calculated master key systems (‘go on calculation’).

With the included Ground Plan Module architect plans of buildings can be embedded. You can insert and position previously created doors' data sets and display the access of key holders, the locking function of keys or the location of cylinders in spatial representation.

Furthermore, with LOCKBASE Professional it is possible to create a small master key system management program for your customers, the Manager lite.

Demo Professional

For the planning, calculation and administration of master key systems for manufacturers of master key systems - multilingual