Latest LOCKBASE version: 18.03

The latest LOCKBASE version is 18.03 and can be downloaded here.

LOCKBASE Windows XP support ended

Due to a security update of our Internet service provider, current Lockbase versions (14.02 and newer) have been running no longer under Windows XP since mid-October 2016.

Older versions will still run unless they need Internet access (e.g., B2B), but we strongly recommend upgrading the operating system at least to Windows 7, respectively Windows Server 2008 for security reasons.

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LOCKBASE is a professional tool for planning, calculating, administering and ordering master key systems. It has been developed and tested by Körtner in close co-operation with their master key system production department.

LOCKBASE supports all necessary tasks for the construction and calculation of a master key system – designing and calculating through to archiving and printing of the documents needed for distribution and installation.

LOCKBASE has an intuitive interface which will help you to use the software - even with complex programs. With Data Lists, System Matrix and System Designer LOCKBASE puts at your disposal three different views and operation modes enabling fast data access, great clarity and effective processing of your master key system data.

By virtue of its optimised algorithms LOCKBASE Calculation module allows a uniquely effective calculation through optimal utilisation of the available resources. With the Code Group Administration add-on module, code groups for different brands can be reliably managed to protect you from unintentional code overlaps for different master key systems.

With the LOCKBASE module concept you are not dependent on rigid and inflexible program solutions because you can now arrange your master key software according to your individual wishes and ideas. We have brought together for you, the most important application areas in four program packages.

For further information on LOCKBASE please contact our software development department in Hamburg at Körtner & Muth GmbH.