Change Log:

15.06.20 fixed
Silca SSI extra parameter settings will be ignored for Iseo CSR

31.07.20 fixed
List of Material prints wrong pin names for Evva 3KS

08.09.20 fixed
In the Combined Assembly List key function records may be printed side by side if the record length is too short

08.09.20 fixed
In the Combined Assembly List cylinder records may appear twice if the option ‚Combine keyed alike‘ was activated

07.01.21 fixed
Cylinder Type database Special Equipment dialogue does’nt display the descriptions

19.01.21 fixed
Evva 4KS List of Materials prints pin not appearing in the pinning charts

28.01.21 fixed
When selecting an order after having changed the default variant in the Machine Interface dialogue, LOCKBASE resets the variant to default

28.01.21 fixed
CSV Export Interface prints more than the requested columns/rows

02.02.21 fixed
LOCKBASE C2B fails to start (invalid LbwC2B.exe)