Change Log:

17.07.23 fixed
Brand module update Cisa NA fails for no reason

25.07.23 fixed
LBFS Order Import fails with wrong link error message

25.09.23 fixed
Can’t setup key combination without sidepins in Calculator, module GeGe AP2 SE.

26.09.23 fixed
Password in User Administration dialogue was displayed in plain text

28.09.23 new
New option in setup of Maschine Interface Silca SSI to use the key copy serial number in the record’s ‚Description‘ line

20.01.24 fixed
User Administration: Missing message if password and retype doesn’t match on login

01.02.24 fixed
LBFS Order Import owerwrites new keyed alike cylinders with the same name

03.02.24 new
Extended delivered item protection in Key Function and Cyinder dialogue, connection management and Calculator