Change Log:

01.03.21 fixed
Automatic update fails with internal error

17.03.21 fixed
Inconsistent group structure in Pfaffenhain Bravus 3000

28.04.21 fixed
Comined Assembly List is empty if ‚Combine Alike‘ is checked and the selection doesn’t contain a master cylinder

07.06.21 fixed
Euro-Matrix print doesn’t show central cylinder lockings correctly if an order contains only keyed alike cylinders

24.06.21 fixed
Evva DPI/DPX Calculator setup dialog doesn’t show text localization

02.07.21 fixed
Calculator: Reconstruction of KBA fails on Transfer – Import at Iseo R100WEB (cylinder profiles missing)

14.09.21 fixed
Gera 3000 uses single step progression though no single step wafer exists