The Data Lists are an easy presentation of persons, keys, cylinders, doors and their connections. All four data stocks are configurable. One click on a person shows which key this person owns, which cylinders and doors can be opened by him/her. Likewise, one can click on a door and discover immediately marked with a red dot which cylinder is installed and which person with which key can open this door.

Questions like – ‘Who owns this key?’ ‘When was the key issued?’ ‘Which person has access to which rooms?’ ‘Are there keys that need to be returned?’ – can be easily answered with the help of the Data Lists.

With Ground Plan Module architectural drawings of buildings can be embedded. One can insert and position previously created door data sets and display the access for key holders, the locking functions of keys or the location of cylinders in a spatial representation.

Intuitive operation, sorting options and advanced search functions, among other things make this module the basic component of the LOCKBASE Manager and the LOCKBASE Administrator.


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