The LOCKBASE Administrator is a management program for suppliers of master key systems. It displays the data for four data stocks: keys, cylinders, doors and persons and the Data Lists  and the System Matrix as data views. In addition, persons can be assigned to departments and doors to buildings. The user quickly gains an overview, can directly enter and modify also technical data.

Important documents such as the System Matrix, Key Bitting List, Cylinder Pinning List, Key Stock Lists, forms, orders, History of Keys/Persons can be printed out.  The sensitive data of the master key system is protected against unauthorised access by password entry and encrypted files. The LOCKBASE Administrator has no limit to the number and size of the managed master key systems.

Additionally, the LOCKBASE Administrator can create small management programs for end users (LOCKBASE Manager lite).

With the included Ground Plan Module architectural drawings of buildings can be embedded. One can insert and position previously created door data sets and display the access for key holders, the locking functions of keys or the location of cylinders in a spatial representation.

Furthermore, the LOCKBASE Administrator provides the B2B Peer-to-Peer Module. It enables a highly secure exchange of locking system files with up to 10 B2B partners via our B2B backbone. The B2B Peer-to-Peer Module offers reliable addressing and message transmission as well as intelligent document management. The risk of insecure data transmission of sensitive master key system data can thus be eliminated.

As an add-on module we would recommend the System Designer. It is an easy to use planning and administrating tool that will show the group structure of a master key system in a graphic way.

Further expansion modules are the Machine Interface for controlling computer-controlled key cutting machines from various manufacturers and the List of Materials as a listing of the material required for a master key system.


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