The System Designer supports the fast planning and creation of large hierarchically structured systems. It displays the group structure of master key systems in a graphic way that is also editable.

Sub-groups of any size can be added, extended or deleted. Important information for the total system or individual groups is shown in one overview for planning, calculation and administration.

Using the function ‘Multiplication’ one can create as many copies of existing groups (sub groups/sub trees) as are required. With this one can choose variables that will allow for individual numbering of these groups.

For example one might like to create a master key system for a project with three buildings, each with five floors with ten flats on every floor, each needing one cylinder with three keys. For each floor and each building there is a central entry door which should only be able to be locked by a resident of that building.

One can also multiply groups that are not in the System Designer but created or specified in the System Matrix or Data Lists. In this way more complex patterns can be created and multiplied. The multiplication function can also be used for the creation of smaller, repeating patterns within one group.

The System Designer is part of the program package LOCKBASE Professional. However it is also suitable as an add-on module for the LOCKBASE Manager, the LOCKBASE Administrator and the LOCKBASE Calculator.


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