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LOCKBASE Version 22.12


The current LOCKBASE version 22.12 is now available for you to download. Change Log: 24.02.22 fixed LOCKBASE hangs during brand module update 25.02.22 fixed LOCKBASE reports wrong error message und brand module update of Pfaffenhain modules 07.03.22 fixed LOCKBASE prints false wrong fit messages af [...]

LOCKBASE Version 22.01


Change Log: 01.03.21 fixed Automatic update fails with internal error 17.03.21 fixed Inconsistent group structure in Pfaffenhain Bravus 3000 28.04.21 fixed Comined Assembly List is empty if 'Combine Alike' is checked and the selection doesn't contain a master cylinder 07.06.21 fixed Euro-Matrix pri [...]

Log4J Exploit


LOCKBASE is written entirely in C/C++ and does not use the affected library log4j. Our online services also do not use Java and are therefore not affected. The data traffic of the LOCKBASE B2B backbone is moreover end-to-end encrypted, so that it could not be viewed or manipulated even in case of a [...]

LOCKBASE Version 21.02


The current LOCKBASE version 21.02 is now available for you to download. Change Log: 15.06.20 fixed Silca SSI extra parameter settings will be ignored for Iseo CSR 31.07.20 fixed List of Material prints wrong pin names for Evva 3KS 08.09.20 fixed In the Combined Assembly List key function records ma [...]

Save the Date


As a replacement for the Security Fair in Essen, we will be at your disposal from 22 - 25 September if you wish to speak to us via video chat or telephone. Book a virtual fair appointment between 9.30 and 17 o'clock. We look forward to seeing you. [...]


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